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Walnut Wood Bowl, No.,w619
Walnut Wood Bowl, No.,w619
Our Price: $277.00

Walnut wood is resistant to decay by insects, however sometimes it dosen't work as expected.  This piece is an example.  First turned on September 2, 2010 it has numerous holes provided by carpenter ants.  But, I believe the wood prevailed in that they are dispersed throughout and the adjacent wood is very good.  The bowl was finished with pure Tung Oil, followed by numerous sprayings of spar urethane to protect and waterproof the surface.  The dimensions are 14" diameter by 5" height.  There are no holes in the bottom that go completely through, however there are a few that do on the lower side in one area. This is a very strong bowl useful for so many functions.  It has captured many views when taken to craft shows, but it is looking for that one buyer who can provide it with a happy home.