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Maple wood bowl, M1416
Our Price: $121.00

No spalting ( grey to brown streaks across wood due to ambrosia beetle and a fungus carried by the beetle) but it does have a slight decay on each side of top edge, Wider flat base, old bark crack partially down one side
Maple wood bowl, M1415
Our Price: $134.00

Some erosion on one top edge area, little spalting, very smooth, thin sides. Dimensions are 8.5" diameter by 3.75" height. Just was with soap and water under the faucet. Permanent finish, no need to rub with oil for preservation.
Maple wood bowl, M1402
Our Price: $226.00

Decay on each side on top, with open crevasse on one side, very thick due to crevasse depth. Beautiful natural art piece, brought to you by nature, mainly! Dimensions are 10" diameter by 4.75" height. Permanent protective finish. No oiling, just wash with soap and water.