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I have always enjoyed working with wood. Growing up in West Virginia, I can remember riding my bicycle to the 'lumber yard' and tying scraps to my bike to bring home.
Although just a hobby, I put considerable time into many projects around the two homes I have restored. I started building furniture here in New York when I had to have Oak and Maple trees taken down because of the 'gypsy moth' invasion of the early 1980's. Instead of throwing the wood away,I hired a man who had a portable sawmill. From this effort came numerous pieces of furniture and it even influenced me to have a multi-fuel furnace installed so that all the scraps could be burned for heat. Today, nearly 30 years later, we still heat our home completely with wood.

About 15 years ago, my brother offered me a lathe. Not accustomed to making 'round' things, I accepted but put it into a distant corner of my workshop. After retiring as an industrial biochemist, I decided to give it a try and discovered a great way to be creative and to continue working with wood.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope it can inspire you to be creative in your own way.
Written, November, 2007

December 2016 update. The multi fuel furnace has been replaced after 31 yrs with a much improved model carrying out the same function. I still add my scraps from wood turning to it to provide heat to our home and I also have a free standing wood stove in my shop for those real cold winter days. I have turned more than 1400 bowls and am still enjoying it. Thanks again for reading this.

Charles Lazarus, Ph.D., husband, father, woodturner